Twitter Music: Advanced Through Blip

Twitter music, possible? Certainly.

Twitter music was made possible through the so-called Blip, the advance version of Pownce. In fact, Blip is also called as “twitter for Music” because this serves for that purpose alone. Blip significantly suggests music and allows Twitter users to share their thoughts about it to their different contacts—both friends and followers.

Many perceive Blip to offer so much advancement to Twitter users since Twitter alone is not capable to share rich media. As what everybody knows, if one would want to broadcast a video using Twitter, he will be required to settle for a TinyURL then to YouTube, or he can opt to the combination of the two in the form of Seesmic. Now, the introduction of Pownce has certainly improved the twitter model as it allows file transfers. However, even though Pownce also featured music player, Blip still appears to be a lot better than this because this does not require file uploads anymore.

Through the use of Blip, users may simply search for the song they want to listen to. The convenience given by Blip in providing music instantaneously is actually taken from any of the following database of music: Skreemr; Seeqpod; or Fuzz. Through these databases of music, one’s followers can easily listen to the full song he has posted using a player at the bottom part of the page.

Of course, many people will be hesitant to join another social network because of the flowers they might leave. This is why Blips has the plan to deliver messages out to Twitter, Pownce, Frindfeed, and Tumblr. This is conceptualized to assist in adoption rated primarily.

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