Twitter Statistics: Where Most Members Are

Any person can say that website businesses are the fastest growing business today in this world, but there are also limits to that growth. Some are just technical limits, while the rest involve the people’s perception. In perception, acceptance is the one that is given the highest regard.

Perception is measured through surveys that are rewritten to fit into statistics. And because it is one of the most important in the hierarchy of limits, statistics are one of the trusted methods in measuring the number of people using Twitter. In being able to measure the number of at least the proportionate number of people as members of Twitter, the people behind Twitter are able to focus their efforts to needed changes.

Now there are many types of statistics done on Twitter and the most common statistics done was to show where most Twitter members are. This is very important as primary focus can now be given to the areas of concern, which are basically the areas where there are few Twitter members.

Understandably, through one of these statistics, it was found that most Twitter members are from the United States. Of course, being one of the countries with the largest Internet users, it only goes to show that twitter has done that country justice.

One that highly surprised a lot of people was that the second placer on this statistic was an Asian country, beating the Europeans on a very large magnitude. This country is Japan, and it was beaten by USA by a minuscule of points.

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