Twitter Tag: The Welcome Improvement

The benefits of blogging are so intensely seen today that it is already one of the leading forms of Internet communication. Of course, the providers are still doing improvements on the blogs themselves, which is both good for competition and reputation.

In the case of Twitter, what used to be a micro-blogging site where its members can post blogs that are of small sizes, tags are now available. And though Twitter is increasingly becoming somewhat like Friendster, this addition of tags on the blogs is a welcome improvement.

To some, tags may be nothing, but to the rest of the blogging world tags could be their savior when it comes to finding tricky websites. There’s simply no person in this world who will want to have no help in trying to find his right website of page destination.

On a scale of thousands, any Twitter member may now browse tags for blog posts, which he would like to see. Without these tags in Twitter then trying to find the right blog page with no knowledge of the title itself or the name of the page would be a task of hardship. With tags, searching for the right blog page or post is now easier as tags would limit or screen the number of results.

This is a vital addition to Twitter, which is really quite a must-have capability, as it presents convenience and good service towards the members. Even now more and more blog sites are putting tags on their sites, this being a testament to the tags importance.

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