Twitter Tips: Learn These Common Knowledge Tips

The main feature in Twitter is that it is a blog site for people, who like to post micro-blog posts, meaning short ones. This is important, as blogging is known for long-winding essays, which in some cases, people seem to think in terms of longer, the better.

Now not everyone knows how to compose a blog, and it really requires a lot of imagination on what to write as well as a pinch in basic language. Of course, there’s also the question of what to write, which is really where even seasoned writers blunder. There are tips to follow, for example, and at most they are common sense.

For one, a person is given the power to name his blog page, and with this write his own blogs so he should strive to write about things that concern his blog page. Of course, he should also not go overboard with his writings, lest he overwhelm himself and mess it all up. Humor is also a good to any blog, but these should always be used as moderately as possible, otherwise, the main theme of the blog post would be the humor and not the story.

Some people even add that blog posts should contain products being sold, though in this case, advertising products can be done, but try to walk lightly. This is the common underlying reason why spams are hated, as they sell on places where it is not meant for such activity.

Another Twitter tip is to add occasional contrasting topics as against the blog name as this would increase the people’s curiosity.

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