Twitter TV: The Interactive Drive

In the past, there was an increasing call for better communication, and when the use of the Internet became widespread, it became multiple communications. And far from stopping on the calls for better or something different in communications, an interesting occurrence just happened.

Twitter, a website mainly dealing with blog posts, just went on the interaction drive with the TV sector. This means that there will be television shows played on twitter itself. And for those who are still in dark about how this is an improvement in the world of communications, the main thing to see is its goal, which is to provide a bridge between the Internet and TV.

On the whole having the normal television shows played out on Twitter could be quite a boost for Twitter, which stands to merit more benefits from this than the TV company. With TV being offered on twitter, even if it’s just one channel, speaks of convenience for its members.

There are, of course, critics that argue about the impracticability of putting TV shows on Twitter when the company itself could do it on its own. But like most critics, it has been estimated that the viewers outnumber them by thousands, which is a number that increases by the day.

This is more likely due to the employing of good people to appear on the TV shows destined for showing on Twitter. In fact, a lot of blogs and comments can be found along the way that praises the TV-worthiness of these people.

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