Use Your iPod For Map Directions

If you have an iPod Nano or iPod Photo you can use it to view Yahoo! Map directions. There is a new service that you can use called “iPod-iWay”. This online service has been created by Yahoo Masp and iPod for use with your MP3 player. But just what is iPod-iWay? This service will give you step by step directions when you are driving so that you know exactly where you are going and how to get there. All you have to do is export the results that you get for online driving directions as provided by Yahoo Maps. These directions are then imported into your iPod Photo. This is a great way for you to save the driving directions that you need in your iPod without having to buy any other software.

Using iPod-iWay is easy! You will first want to navigate to The process is just like using Yahoo Maps. Enter your starting point and your destination in the form provided. Once your information has been entered click on verify directions to ensure that you get accurate directions. Next click on get directions. You will be prompted to download a .zip file which holds your driving directions. Extract the .zip file into your iTunes Photo Folder. Connect your iPod to the computer, sync, and then you are ready to start driving. This software program is completely free to use and is perfect when you need to drive someplace unfamiliar to you. You will be able to utilize your iPod Photo to the max whether you travel in the US or in Canada.

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