YouTube Twitter: Fused in Seesmic

YouTube Tweeter is said to be fused into the latest videobased social media startup on the horizon of the Web 2.0— Seesmic. Seesmic is referred by several heavy-hitters in the world of web tech as the next big thing. To those who are not yet aware, Seesmic is best illustrated as a type of “video Twitter.”

Essentially, Seesmic is a community of video sharing that allows the user to share on hand videos to the World Wide Web. This also allows the user to produce a video directly from his webcam and publish it to his own video stream. The use of Seesmic is guaranteed to be trouble-free when it comes in embedding videos on a blog or website because it is as easy as beating in a clip of code—perfectly alike in embedding YouTube videos.

Good news to Twitter users, they may simply follow the interesting content given by others to them. They may also choose to incorporate their own video streams along with the other social networking websites. For now, YouTube and Tweeter are already hooked up as what was also mentioned above. Moreover, Seesmic is expanding its goal and is now targeting as well to integrate with Facebook, Joost,, and other social websites, along with the capability to record video, chat, and Skype conversations.

For the meantime, Seesmic is not yet available to the public; it is still on the phase of testing. However, to those who are interested to witness Seesmic in action, they may catch this on the venture advisor blog of Christine Herron.

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