GAMESCOM 09 : DIABLO 3 Gameplay HD

Diablo 3 Gamplay HD – Excellent video trailer/teaser.To all those game freaks,the game is ready to blow lids off.

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  1. MONK!
    I cant tell what class Im gonna invest time in! Damn Blizzard for making such baddass games!
    One thing is for sure though…
    I CAN NOT wait another freakin year for this to come out. Or my head will explode.

  2. they’ve made it pretty clear that they won’t change a thing about the game, no matter what fans think.

    and if you really think that of all the game companies blizzard would release a game that’s highly customizable – yeah right. that’s way beyond optimism.

  3. Exactly, because we know that it’s not option able now. That that’s what it’s going to be and it’ s not going to change.

  4. It was not to the same degree, at least in D1. They just need to tone it down, or change it to a simple highlight.

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