The Futuristic Laptop – Rolltop !

Are you a lover of the futuristic world ? Do you have an itch in knowing how things will shape up in the next 20 years.Then this Laptop called ‘ Rolltop ‘ could be an answer.The rolltop is the brainchild of Orkin Design.

rolltop flexible laptop
rolltop flexible laptop
Rolltop is a visualization of how a laptop could be designed for the future.Its a flexible single sheet that can be rolled & unrolled.The roller doubles up as power adapter.Unroll the outer cover to reveal the OLED screen,integrated with keyboard.This is not all,you can use this Rolltop as Tablet PC & also as a screen to watch movies.Once your work is completed,roll it & hang it! Sounds cool,but certainly the wait for the launch would be long.

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