Online Document Workflow Management Software

ist1_4581445-file-foldersDocuments have been the integral part of every environment,a part is part of.In fact we have seen offices with seperate rooms to pile up used documents & are still searching to store documents to be used in future.All this is unnecessary if a document workflow management system is in place.

DocumentLite,a free workflow document management software has many advantages over the classical paper document management system.The single source of keeping documents & easy method to search the required document are the most valuable uses of this software.It not only saves enormous time,but also cuts costs by eliminating the expenditure involved in maintaining the documents ,records,files etc.,DocumentLite is created on the basis of free and very popular tools (PHP, MySQL) therefore you will need only an Internet-browser to work on it.The facility of assigning employee rights to the documents is also provided making it even more secure than the storage of paper documents,which can be replicated or copied easily.

The workflow document management system has been created in such a manner it regulates creation, confirmation, transferring and keeping all the documents in any format,since documents are  important for a company to facilitate effective functioning of departments.So,why not check out DocumentLite ? After all,you could go green by minimizing the use of paper after switching to the online document workflow management system!

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