Twitter to launch Paid Accounts


According to news sources, Twitter is gearing up for the launch ‘Paid Business Accounts’, by early next year & the Personal accounts will still remain free of cost.It is also heard that through this premium service, users will be able to get a deeper insight into its analytics.Twitter has seen tremendous growth since its launch 3 years ago, with many news stories across the world breaking on Twitter first.It has to be noted that,news of earthquakes, terrorist acts and other crucial events often spread first on Twitter before being picked up and verified by the mainstream media. The first photograph of the plane that crashed in to the Hudson River appeared on Twitter.

The launch of the commercial accounts will not require that all businesses will suddenly have to pay for Twitter access. Biz Stone,Twitter’s co-founder, reassured users that the service would always remain free to corporate and personal users alike, but he said Twitter would offer companies additional paid-for services that have value and worth a premium fee. No exact details of what that translates into as far as dollars and cents at this time.

As expectations are growing high,  the final decision about the changes proposed hopes to provide light about the future of Twitter.

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