What to do with Unused Equipments?

Have you ever thought what to do with your old & unused technology equipments?  I have come across many, who have a separate room in their homes to store these so called scrap materials .Large companies and corporations face this problem more often, as the machinery, tools and used network equipments occupy a considerable amount of their inventory preventing new investments.

With the advent of computers in all fields, networking of systems has become inevitable, even in houses. Nowadays a home has atleast two computers, both interconnected using cisco routers and switchers. But, technology grows at a faster rate making all these used cisco equipments, to face the test of time. Also the new products boast of many features making the old ones outdated. Reselling these old equipments, not only brings you money, but also helps in recovering atleast the purchase price .It may not be high, but something is better than nothing!

More than recovering your investment, these used items can help someone who is in need. In the case of labs, research centers and hospitals , used test equipments can be sold to a start up company in that specific field. This not only facilitates the upbringing of more organizations but also increases the usage lifetime of equipment. By these methods, active participation, as well as opportunities for many can be created.

Many companies have started to buy used equipments keeping in the mind,the market for such items. People and Companies have also started to show interest in liquidating their unsed equipments nowadays, especially after the wide-spread awareness about e-waste which is also responsible for global warming. Keeping these hardware equipments in store rooms, without any use is also responsible for high pricing of latest equipments. So, start reselling your used materials, as it shows your concern for the future generation.

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