Customer acquisition through Outsourcing

The big challenge for any business in this time of economic crisis is making customers buy their products. This is defined in “customer acquisition” which is the process of acquiring or obtaining new customers, and converting prospects to customers. Again, it is not easy to acquire customers, keeping in mind the costs involved in starting and running a campaign to attract buyers. This is where outsourcing sales activities comes into play for the company.

Outsourcing or subcontracting of services to an outsider provider has numerous benefits. It not only provides cost-effective solutions but also qualitative. Since this arrangement allows a provider to contract out complex tasks to other provider, the company can easily focus more on preparing of profit making strategies. Usually, an outsource support arrangement is more of an independent contracting agreement.

This means that the outsource resource must accomplish the task using their own means and method. By this, the company which outsource need not have any worries about incurring expenses such as equipments, marketing, work-force and related support. Cydcor Limited is a dominant market leader in outsourced face-to-face sales and in meeting their clients’ customer acquisition goals.

A team of more than 3,000 sales professionals working from nearly 200 cydcor offices in America and Canada. Cydcor has long standing relationships with major Fortune 500 companies and also serves for other businesses across different verticals which include telecommunications, merchant services, Cable, Internet, Office products, financial services and Energy industries.

With a presence in 36 U.S. states and 4 Canadian provinces, business development team members of Cydcor work closely with clients in understanding, studying and implementing a suitable sales campaign for the company. Also the potential of the devised plan is tried for few weeks initially to monitor the results. Will customer acquisition still worry businesses, with companies like Cydcor?

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