Big, Foldable & Rollable smartphone: Is it what you need?

This could be the conversation between two path breaking innovations in smartphone design.

Foldable phones: “We have arrived!

Rollable phones: “Move over, Your time`s up!

While we are yet to experience the full potential of foldables, the next set of tech is already out.

LG and TCL revealed their rollable concept phones at CES 2021, increasing the buzz among tech enthusiasts. Not much is not known on their specifications but what seems confirmed is, the screens of both phones can expand and at the click of a button or by sliding our fingers on the phone`s panel.

The LG rollable phone with a massive 7.4-inch screen is expected to hit the stores in June 2021 with a whopping price tag of $2500!

LG rollable phone CES 2021

TCL, on the other hand could transform from being a 6.7-inch phone to a 7.8-inch (phone or tablet!?).

Big, Bigger, Biggest :

There was a time, when phones were small and could easily fit inside your hands, pockets or purse. But for the past few years, phone manufacturers are launching models with larger screen sizes. Have a look at the screen sizes of trending phones in India:

iPhone 12 Pro Max: 6.7 inches

Samsung Galaxy S20: 6.2 inches | S20 ultra: 6.9 inches | M21: 6.4 inches

OnePlus 8 Pro: 6.78 inches

RedMi 10i: 6.67 inches | 10 T Pro: 6.67 inches

Smartphones with screen size under 6 inches from known brands are also available, such as: iPhone 12 mini (5.4 inch), iPhone 11 Pro (5.8 inch), Google Pixel 4a (5.8 inch), Mi A2 (5.99 inch).But you need to compromise on the processor speed, RAM, camera etc., since these are old models and are on their way out.

Few innovative phones with quirky design were also seen, last year. But again, they primary focus of innovation was on screen size only.

LG G8x ThinkQ: 6.4 inches with Dual screen display

LG g8x thinq

LG Wing: 6.8 inches with 3.9-inch secondary display in swivel mode

LG wing

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: 7.6-inch with foldable screen

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: 7.6-inch with foldable screen

Motorola Razr: 6.2 inch with flip and fold screen

Motorola Razr: 6.2 inch with flip and fold screen

Next: Back to basics?

While smartphone companies are increasing the screen size for every model on one hand, they are also launching phones with foldable and rollable screens, at a higher cost. So what are they telling the consumer – to go for bigger screens or to go for a bigger screen that folds, for easy portability?

Just few years back, there were ‘7 inch tablets’ aimed at kids, readers and casual gamers. Now you cannot find a 7-inch tablet, since the current smartphones are already on the verge of touching the 7-inch screen mark.

The future of smartphone form factor is still not clear. Maybe, the smartphone brands are clear: to increase the screen space, accommodate the maximum specs, sprinkle a few quirkiness and aim for ‘the flagship’ tag, in the pursuit for innovation.

But, consumers are surely a confused lot – to keep it small and simple or opt for bigger the better. Do they have a choice to choose, is the real question here.

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